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Garage Door Springs

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Call us for Broken Spring Replacement

If you need to replace your garage door spring, the best bet is to call a professional. The mechanisms on garage doors can be very dangerous because of the extreme pressure that must be exerted on the springs and moving parts to lift such a heavy door. The door itself can also be dangerous because of its weight and bulk. When broken spring replacement or broken spring repair is called for, your local professional is trained and knowledgeable about what type of garage door springs you have and how to work safely with them.Garage Door Springs in Georgia

We Service All Types of Springs

Your garage door springs are typically one of two types: torsion spring systems or extension springs. Heavier double doors, insulated doors, and industrial applications almost always have a torsion spring systems. Lighter doors can have extension springs instead, but different brands and models of garage doors will have different spring designs.  Whether you need to replace torsion spring parts or extension spring parts, a professional will understand what additional parts need to be replaced at the same time to prevent an imbalance in cable length, wearing on moving parts, etc.

Garage Door Repair Fayetteville - The Professionals to Call

Garage door springs are quickly, safely, and affordably fixed by your local professionals in spring repair. You don't have to let broken springs keep you from winning this year's chili cook off in the Town Square or taking the family to the downtown Victorian Christmas.  Emergency garage door service is available every day of the week, around the clock for your convenience and safety. 

Get back into charming southern life and out of the garage today by calling your professional garage door service company in Fayetteville.

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