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Garage Doors

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Fayetteville garage door company professionals can find the problem with your specific garage door or opener, from a door off track to the need to fix garage spring mechanisms to garage door replacement.  Your trained and licensed professional garage door company can handle any issue. Calling in a professional is far wiser than trying to fix garage door problems on your own. The mechanisms, sheer weight, and bulk of garage doors are dangerous, especially to the average, untrained person. The medical bills from injuries or replacing damaged vehicles, building structures, or other property is far more expensive than simply hiring a professional to fix the problem from the outset.

Garage Doors

The most common garage door repair issues is broken spring repair

Your local garage door service professional will know if you need galvanized springs repair or torsion garage door spring repair. Torsion springs are typically used on heavier doors, industrial applications, etc. Extension springs are usually used in lighter, residential door applications. Other common issues include garage door cable repair or the need to replace panel sections.

Your professional expert in garage doors will also understand the different types of garage door openers. Openers usually fall into one of three categories: belt drive, chain drive, and screw drive. Chain and belt drive systems work the same way.  A motor moves either chains (the traditional method) or rubber belts (the quieter method) to lift the garage door. For less maintenance with fewer moving parts, some people have a screw driver system which uses a threaded steel rod rather than belts or chains to lift the door. Fayetteville garage door repair parts are available for garage doors, track, and openers through your local company, so you can get back out into the community quickly and safely.

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