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Popular Questions About Garage Doors

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Popular Questions About Garage Doors

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A special page with FAQs for garage door repair. If you have questions about garage doors and cannot find the right answers, read the answers of our experts here below.

How much space do I need on the inside of the garage?

Above the opening you need about 20cms so the door will run smoothly. If you need help measuring your garage and the door you need, call us for help or instructions.

What is the reach of my opener?

This is different with every door and it depends on walls that might be in the way. If you notice your reach is decreasing it means you need to change the batteries.

What frames should I get?

Manufacturers usually suggest aluminum frames whether you get glass garage doors or want to install frames to garage door windows. Although wood is cosier, it's not resilient and might warp over the years. Aluminum is highly resistant to all weather conditions and will last much longer offering better insulation, too. So, it's best to invest in aluminum.

How do sensing edges function?

Sensing edges are usually found at the bottom edge of the garage door. When the door is closing and they come in contact with any obstruction, then the door reverses and opens completely. You should check sensing edges and photoelectric eyes once in a while to see if they are functioning well.

Do all openers have safety sensors?

Today, all electric garage door openers must come with the reverse safety system. This is obligatory since 1993 due to the high number of garage door accidents of faulty electric doors. That's why it's important to replace the existing opener if it was manufactured prior to this date. Nowadays, you can also add more safety features for extra protection but keep in mind that opener sensors need to be tested often for their effectiveness.

Why are openers available with a variety of different power options?

It is important to choose a model of opener with the correct horse power. This is because not all garage doors are the same. Bigger or heavier doors will require greater power to lift and lower it. If you have a lighter door, a large motor will be overpowered and waste energy. Generally lighter doors will only require a ½ HP model but if the door is oversized or made from a heavier material such as steel or wood, you would usually need a larger motor.

Are automatic garage door openers really more secure?

Generally automatic garage doors are more secure as they have no external bolts or openers which can be forced. They are usually strong enough to withstand different types of impact, so they present a greater challenge to intruders which act as a deterrent. However, an automatic opener is only more secure if it's carefully considered. Leaving your fob or opener within easy reach or disclosing security access codes negates any additional security benefits the system may provide.


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