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The most comprehensive collection of garage door repair tips. These make all the difference.

  • Replace the weather seals

    Although hardly anyone talks about them, the weather seals are very important. They seal the side and top parts of the door and keep drafts out. The bottom seal is even more important because it additionally keeps insects, rain water, and intruders out. If you need the assistance of our company for replacement, we are at your service.

  • Energy efficiency

    If you’re looking to better regulate the temperature inside your home, an insulated garage door can help build a buffer between you and the elements. Metal doors can be filled with insulated materials to prevent wild fluctuations in temperature, which saves on your energy consumption.

  • Use Sufficient Supply of Power

    According to our specialists in Fayetteville garage door repair, one of the problems that garage doors have is that they are not supplied with the proper voltage of power. Some are underpowered, while others may be a bit overpowered, which are both not good for the motor and the performance. Our specialists advise the use of sufficient power supply.

  • Put safety above aesthetics

    When you choose a new garage door, the major thing is to focus on what is needed for your daily convenience and what electric system will guarantee your safety. So, choosing the right electric garage door opener but also durable materials is very important. It’s also wise to replace parts when the door's weight is different.

  • Invest in strong garage doors

    Having strong garage doors is very important today especially if you live in hurricane prone areas. Powerful materials will keep the door resistant against force entries, elements and strong winds according to Garage Door Repair Fayetteville. They will offer better protection and surely higher insulation.

  • Check the balance of the door

    Checking the balance of your garage door enhances safety. If you notice that the door is not balanced at all, it may fall or collapse anytime, causing further damage. This accident may even cause more damages and injuries, especially if another person is standing close to the door. Hinges and springs should be replaced immediately to ensure balance of your door.

  • Change the springs before they get old

    Manufacturers give specific instructions about the life span of garage door springs. Most of them would last for about ten to fifteen thousand cycles but it's always best to replace them beforehand. You will recognize the first signs of old age when their noise will become persistent and lose their flexibility. If you don't change them in time, there is the danger of them snapping.

  • Resolving Door Lifting Issues:

    There are a number of potential underlying causes for there being a difficulty in lifting the door. If the opener is straining to lift and lower the door, it could be that it is underpowered for your door weight. Other common causes are related to the springs which require rebalancing or tensions needing adjustment. Garage Door Repair Fayetteville advises that if the difficulty is a recent problem, you should have the springs checked. However, if this is a more long term issue, assess the power of your particular opener.

    This is one of the reasons why garage door maintenance is important. Similar problems would be detected right away and, thus, avoided. This is also why you need to replace certain components when you are replacing the panel. If the new panel is larger and heavier, the existing springs and the horsepower of the opener would not be sufficient for the lifting of the door. You may need multiple springs or a combination of torsion and extension springs and as for the opener you may need more than ½ horsepower. Though, it's also wise to check the cables, too. They won't work properly if they are not the right length.

  • Effective Washing of Your Garage Door:

    Garage doors can usually be safely and effectively washed using clean warm water and a sponge. If it is needed you can add a mild detergent.  You should use a non-abrasive detergent and soft cloth for cleaning any windows. Care should be taken if you wash the doors with a power washer which could actually damage the paint finish and cause paint to peel. Different materials would require different products and methods. For example, wood must be left to dry well in order to avoid warping and it would also need a good varnish for higher resistance to weather. For this reason, it would be best to wash the door during a hot day.
    The truth is that most materials could be washed with dish liquid and water, which is plain and can guarantee the removal of dirt. You must also make sure all garage door parts are properly cleaned, too. Consider that sensors, for example, may lose their effectiveness if they are extremely dusty. Cleaning the doors would also give you the chance to inspect the material properly for signs of rust. If the painting has started to peel off, repaint that part in order to avoid erosion.

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